Protect Your Skin during the Winter Months

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Protect Your Skin during the Winter Months

I love winter. During this glorious time of the year, I enjoy spending time with family members during the holiday season. I also like to sip hot chocolate while lounging in flannel pajamas. While I adore winter, I don’t like what the cold weather can do to my skin. To prevent your skin from becoming too dry when the weather turns cold outside, drink plenty of water. Also, apply a moisturizer to your skin a couple of times each day. If you must go outdoors in dangerously frigid temperatures, make sure to cover your face properly. On this blog, I hope you will discover smart tips to make your skin glow during the winter months. Enjoy!

Getting The Most Out Of Your Balsam Fir Bar Soap

Bathing with balsam fir soap is a lovely experience. The woodsy, pine scent really wakes up your senses and elevates your mood. It's also soothing for sensitive or irritated skin. Realistically, you can use balsam fir bar soap just like you would use any other bar soap in the shower or bath. But if you want to get the most out of this soap, here is some advice.

Store the soap outside of the shower.

Many people like to store their bar soap in the shower ledge or wall. This is convenient, but it's not the best practice for your soap, especially when using balsam fir soap. If you store your soap in the shower, the constant exposure to moisture will soften it, causing you to go through a lot more. Plus, the bathroom will always be filled with the balsam fir scent, so you'll get used to it and you won't notice it as much when you use the soap.

So, to preserve your bar of soap and ensure you keep enjoying that balsam fir scent, store your soap outside of the shower. Look for a soap holder with small holes in the top. You can put the bar inside, place the case on your counter, and the bar will dry within an hour or two.

Bathe in warm, but not hot water.

If you are using balsam fir soap because you have sensitive skin, then you do not want to bathe in hot water. The hot water can leech natural oils out of your skin and make your sensitivity worse. If you use cool water, though, the scent of the balsam fir won't be as noticeable. So, using warm water is a good compromise. The warmth helps activate the scent, but it won't be as harsh on your skin as truly hot water.

Use a loofah, not a washcloth.

When you use your balsam fir soap with a loofah, you get a nice lather that really releases the scent. A washcloth does not work as well. It takes more soap off the bar due to its abrasive texture, but it does not have as many pockets for lather to form. So, if you don't already have a loofah, you should invest in one to use with your balsam fir soap. It will help you save soap and get more out of the washing experience.

Balsam fir bar soap is a lovely choice for your shower. And with the tips here, you can truly enjoy it to the fullest. To learn more about balsam fir bar soap, contact a supplier.