Protect Your Skin during the Winter Months

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Protect Your Skin during the Winter Months

I love winter. During this glorious time of the year, I enjoy spending time with family members during the holiday season. I also like to sip hot chocolate while lounging in flannel pajamas. While I adore winter, I don’t like what the cold weather can do to my skin. To prevent your skin from becoming too dry when the weather turns cold outside, drink plenty of water. Also, apply a moisturizer to your skin a couple of times each day. If you must go outdoors in dangerously frigid temperatures, make sure to cover your face properly. On this blog, I hope you will discover smart tips to make your skin glow during the winter months. Enjoy!

3 Helpful Care Steps To Take When Dealing With Hand Eczema

Having hand eczema can cause you a lot of problems. For example, your hands can blister, crack, and even turn red. If you're looking to find effective relief, then these care steps are certainly worth considering.

Soak Periodically 

If you're looking for instant relief from the painful symptoms that are often associated with hand eczema, then you can just try soaking your hands in warm water. This will provide a soothing sensation that can curb a lot of your pain.

If you're looking for further relief, you can put in some bath oil. It's an emollient-rich substance that can drastically reduce redness and irritation. In order to see optimal results, though, you'll want to soak your hands in warm water and this solution periodically throughout the day. Multiple times even is recommended to get the most out of these soaking treatments.

Avoid Triggers

A huge reason why your hand eczema flareups occur is because of certain triggers. They could be anything from mold to pet dander. Thus, it will benefit you greatly to just stay away from these triggers so that your hand eczema flareups are not so bad or prominent.

It helps to make a journal of flareups you have throughout the day. Pay attention to what activities you were doing and what environments you were around. This information should help you pinpoint various triggers. Once you know what these are, you can stay clear of them and go about your day in peace.

Wear Rubber Gloves When Cleaning Dishes

One of the most common triggers for people with hand eczema is dish soap. Since it's probably unlikely you can go your whole life without using this substance, you can switch tactics and just use rubber gloves.

These will keep your skin from coming in contact with the dish soap, thus helping you better control your flareups when cleaning dishes. Just make sure that your rubber gloves create a tight enough seal to where soapy water can't get underneath when you're cleaning. You may even want to test out the gloves' seal before putting them on your hands.

A lot of people have to struggle with hand eczema today. It's unfortunate given the bevy of symptoms that come with this condition. Fortunately, you can fight back by trying a lot of different treatments. Just keep trying everything until you find one or two treatments that work best for you.

For more hand eczema information, contact a dermatologist.