Protect Your Skin during the Winter Months

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Protect Your Skin during the Winter Months

I love winter. During this glorious time of the year, I enjoy spending time with family members during the holiday season. I also like to sip hot chocolate while lounging in flannel pajamas. While I adore winter, I don’t like what the cold weather can do to my skin. To prevent your skin from becoming too dry when the weather turns cold outside, drink plenty of water. Also, apply a moisturizer to your skin a couple of times each day. If you must go outdoors in dangerously frigid temperatures, make sure to cover your face properly. On this blog, I hope you will discover smart tips to make your skin glow during the winter months. Enjoy!

Tips For Shaving Without Skin Irritation

Whether you are a man who shaves your face or a woman who shaves your legs, razor burn can be a real problem. Thankfully, there are many things you can do to lessen your chances of suffering from shaving irritation. To this end, here are some tips to help you avoid getting razor burn when you shave:

Tip: Use Quality Shaving Products

Shaving with a dull razor and a bar of soap is a sure way to irritate your skin while shaving. Instead, you should always use each of the following supplies:

  • a razor with a sharp blade
  • a high-silicone shaving gel
  • a shaving brush

You should change your razor blade every few shaves and use a high-silicone shaving gel because it will provide the maximum amount of lubrication for your razor's blade as it moves across your skin. A shaving brush should be used to gently lift your hairs so they are easier to shave off.

Tip: Always Shave With the Growth Direction of Your Hair

While you may be tempted to shave against your hair's growth direction to get a closer shave, this is a sure way to get razor burn and promotes the formation of ingrown hairs. Instead, you should always shave with the growth direction of your hair.

Tip: Wet Your Hair with Ample Hot Water Before Shaving 

Since hairs become softer and easier to cut when they are wet, it is vital for a good shave that you wet your hair with a lot of hot water before you start to shave. Warmer water absorbs better into each strand of hair and works much better than cold water. For this reason, make sure that you always wet your hair very well before you shave. And, even if it is very hot outside, you should still use hot water for shaving.

Tip: Use a Shaving Balm or After-Shave Lotion when You are Done Shaving

Finally, once you are done shaving, then you need to rinse off your skin with cold water, pat it dry, and then apply some after-shave lotion or shaving balm. Lotions and shaving balms are designed to soothe your skin after you have shaved. Since shaving removes the upper layer or two of skin, any area that you shave will be sensitive post-shave. Shaving balms and mens skin care after-shave lotions provide moisture and nutrients for your new skin layers and will make your skin feel less irritated.