Protect Your Skin during the Winter Months

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Protect Your Skin during the Winter Months

I love winter. During this glorious time of the year, I enjoy spending time with family members during the holiday season. I also like to sip hot chocolate while lounging in flannel pajamas. While I adore winter, I don’t like what the cold weather can do to my skin. To prevent your skin from becoming too dry when the weather turns cold outside, drink plenty of water. Also, apply a moisturizer to your skin a couple of times each day. If you must go outdoors in dangerously frigid temperatures, make sure to cover your face properly. On this blog, I hope you will discover smart tips to make your skin glow during the winter months. Enjoy!

Tips To Help Your Fingernails Grow Faster

An average person's fingernails will grow approximately 3 millimeters each month; however, some people have nails that grow much faster or slower than this. There are a lot of things that can stunt the growth of fingernails, and there are also things that can help them grow. If your nails seem like they never grow, here are several things you could try to help them grow faster.

Start eating right

Your diet plays a huge role in how well and fast your fingernails grow. Just like other body parts, your fingernails need the right nutrition for them to grow and be strong. If you do not eat right, you should change your diet. Foods that contain Vitamin D can be helpful for nail growth, and you can get Vitamin D by eating salmon and eggs. Eating more chicken may also help, because chicken contains protein and Vitamin B.

Avoid using nail polish and remover too often

Giving your nails a rest is another important change you may need to make if your nails are not growing as fast as you would like. When your nails are covered with polish, it may prevent them from growing. If you use nail polish remover too often, the high level of acetone in this product can stunt the growth of your nails.

You should try to let your nails breathe from time to time. If possible, keep them free of nail polish for three weeks out of each month, or more. This may help them grow faster.

Avoid placing your hands in hot water

If you wash dishes a lot or have your hands in hot water often, try wearing gloves from now on. The hot water your hands are in often can dry them out, and this can actually prevent your nails from growing as quickly as they should.

Start using nail growth products

While there are a lot of things you may need to change or stop to help your nails grow, you may also want to search for a product that is designed to make your nails grow. There are numerous products available that are called nail growth products. Each of these contains a variety of different vitamins that are good for strengthening and growing nails.

If you are tired of your short, stubby nails and want to have nice nails that are strong and long, look for an effective nail growth product, such as Miracle Med, to start using.