Protect Your Skin during the Winter Months

3 Lice Prevention Rules For Your Kids

When your child comes down with lice, it can create quite a bit of chaos for even the most organized families. Following specific lice treatment instructions is key, yet it may quickly occur to you that lice is a pest you don’t want to encounter again. Preventing re-infestations of lice in the future will save […]

4 Tips To Help Prevent Skin Cancer

Your skin is your largest organ, and it is important to do whatever you can to prevent skin cancer. Being diligent about caring for your skin can go a long way in ensuring that you never develop skin cancer. Use the following tips to help protect your skin and keep it cancer-free: Don’t Tan Laying […]

Tips For Looking Younger

If you’re like most people, you want to maintain your younger looks for as long as possible. However, you’ll also want to do this in as easily as possible. Sure, you could go have extensive surgeries done, but these things can cost a lot of money and they can have long-lasting medical repercussions if you […]

Is Pre-Pooing Your Hair Beneficial?

A pre-poo treatment of your hair before shampooing might seem like a waste, but it can be beneficial to your hair. To pre-poo, you can opt to use something found in your refrigerator or pantry, or you can buy a product specifically made for that purpose. If you are looking for healthier hair, here is […]

Tips To Help Your Fingernails Grow Faster

An average person’s fingernails will grow approximately 3 millimeters each month; however, some people have nails that grow much faster or slower than this. There are a lot of things that can stunt the growth of fingernails, and there are also things that can help them grow. If your nails seem like they never grow, […]